Coaching's Secret Weapon?

- Communication -

If you've seen my 2015 TED Talk, you know I am passionate about effective communication. In fact, I have become a global expert on the topic and travel extensively working with athletes, coaches, and parents at all levels of sport. I've even helped corporations succeed with better communication. Imagine having access to the research, experiences, and secrets that have helped me succeed on the field and in the lecture hall...

Well, I recently completed a book that is a step by step guide for coaches and leaders to be better communicators on and off the field and I will be launching it soon. I want you to be one of the first to read it!

Join the Starters List for my book - Echoes Beyond the Game - to get updates, gain early access to the book, and receive special rewards. In addition, by Signing up you'll also receive an advance copy of his chapter on Silence As a Tool.

This is your chance to coach like never before!