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2015 TEDx Talk - Echoes Beyond the Game

"It’s not the skills you teach. It’s the words you use that are your legacy.
Your everlasting gift to the future of your youth athletes."

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The Actual Damage Done By Verbally Abusive Coaches

** This article originally appeared on in December 2016** I wanted to open this article with another story. One of those attention-grabbing, tell all, the stuff of nightmares stories that I’ve told before. One about the coach who called a 10-year-old boy stupid. Or the one about the coach who screamed at a high […]

I See You

* I wrote this post in May. I’ve thought about it nearly daily since I wrote it. This weekend, while in Tampa with Florida Youth Soccer Association Region C, I had some conversations with leaders who are concerned about kids really being seen and understood in the youth sports landscape. It got me to thinking. […]

Shot Happens #11: Alphabet Soup with Beau Dure

This episode was so good it took a while to marinate. Noted soccer journalist and youth league expert Beau Dure joins the podcast to discuss the alphabet soup of youth soccer leagues. We answer tough questions like how do you know which league is a good one, why are there a mess of acronyms in […]