1. First of all Parents are a big part of their kids success. So this is to help and not knock parents. There are a lot of great things parents do for their kids. Just want to add this piece because sometimes it gets forgottten at early stages of soccer development on the mental and emotional side.

    One thing i would add would be for parents to teach the reality that once club players advance to College many young players run into the trouble of not being able to handle some adversity. Reality is that in College everyone is hand picked and can play yet not everyone will play or travel. However, many young players have just been told all the good and thats great, but parents must also teach reality. I ve seen many young players struggle with this in College and instead of working hard to win a position, the finger gets pointed to everyone else for their lack of success.

    Soccer is a great tool to show life lessons. As a parent of three I feel it very important to teach my kids to work through adversity and not look at someone else as the reason for not succeeding.

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