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2015 TEDx Talk - Echoes Beyond the Game

"It’s not the skills you teach. It’s the words you use that are your legacy.
Your everlasting gift to the future of your youth athletes."

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The_C0ach1ng_C0de Ep04 {140 Character Coaching}

Do you yell during games? Most of us do. We compete with parents, other players, traffic, other games, and much more, so we yell instructions as loud as we can in the hopes our players hear and understand… I have news. They don’t. Yelling is just yelling and they cannot understand what we say. Besides, […]

The_C0ach1ng_C0de Ep03 {Knock Knock}

Why’d the scarecrow win a big award? He was outstanding in his field… I heard that joke a few weeks back, and for some reason, it struck me. I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. I am not sure what about it made the joke hit so hard, but it did. More […]

Shot Happens: Blowouts = The Bad Kind of Running in Soccer

In youth travel soccer, blowouts are inevitable. As hard as administrators and coaches try to match teams in tournaments and leagues equally, so games are just lopsided. Or the teams are evenly matched but one just plays better that day and the final score is 8-0. What happens next and how do we deal with […]