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2015 TEDx Talk - Echoes Beyond the Game

"It’s not the skills you teach. It’s the words you use that are your legacy.
Your everlasting gift to the future of your youth athletes."

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The_C0ach1ng_C0de Ep15 {Voices in Their Heads}

unlock> Every athlete has a voice in his or her head during performances. In fact, all of us have voices guiding our decisions, actions, and beliefs. Those voices are not simply coming from our own brain, but are influenced by the voices of people around us. As coaches, we create the voices in our athletes’ […]

The_C0ach1ng_C0de Ep14 {The Curse of Reverse Alchemy}

unlock – You’ve heard of alchemy: the the medieval “chemistry” of transforming matter. It was concerned particularly with attempts to convert base metals into gold or to find a universal elixir. Well, reverse alchemy, it would stand to reason, is the art of turning noble metals into base metals. Or transforming something special into waste. There […]

The_C0ach1ng_C0de Ep13 {Blocked, or Serial or Random, Oh My}

unlock In this discussion, we dig into the concept of Blocked vs. Serial vs. Interleaved training. Doug Lemov and Nick Winkelman help provide the background for this show. Why keep reading this, when you can listen…. Further Research – Nick Winkelman on Blocked, Serial and Random Practice @NickWinkelman @Doug_Lemov </unlock> Subscribe to the show […]